Water In The Manifold

Written By Eddie Duke

I don’t have to tell you that there are times when life gets heavy.  I have found myself many times over the past several months thinking “Man, it has just been Monday ALL week.” 

We have times like that. 

I read about the teenage driver who had just gotten their license and didn’t know a whole lot about cars. 

They came to their Mom and Dad and told them that there’s trouble with the car. “It has water in the intake manifold”, they said. 

Their parents responded, “Water in the manifold? That’s ridiculous.  We are not even sure you know what the manifold is.  We’ll have it checked out for you.”

“Where is the car?” they asked.  At which, they replied, “In the swimming pool.” 

A car parked in the swimming pool will probably have water in the manifold.  That is not usually a good day, either.  Life gets heavy sometimes. 

Psalm 86 is a psalm that was written at a time that David felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Life was heavy and he began with these words

“Listen, Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.”  

That was how David responded to heavy times and we should too.  God always answers prayer.  We have seen this week that there is no detail too small and there is no task too big that God will not respond to and answer.  He is not overwhelmed.  Jesus is still Jesus. 

I am praying this prayer this morning:  

“God, I may not know what a manifold is and I may not know the exact words to describe what I am feeling.  All I know is that I feel as if I am underwater, life is heavy, and it is hard.  Protect me from fear, stand me on the solid ground of your grace, and bring joy to me today.” 

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