These things lead to Happiness

Written By Eddie Duke

Arthur Brooks is a Harvard professor who writes for The Atlantic.  

He recently noted that he has found that the two motivations that most lead to happiness are:  forgiveness and gratitude. 

Interesting.  This is what we have talked about all week.  What’s in your heart?  A heart that follows Jesus is a heart that is thankful, a heart that is praying, and a heart that is committed.  This week, we have completed two exercises:  Write a thank you to God for all that He has given and why we are thankful. 

Be thankful in the way we live, without griping or complaining.  Write down the things we worry about and transition that list to a prayer list to God in trusting Him. 

Psalm 37:5 reads “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act,”

Did you see any difference this week?  Did you see any results of your efforts?  I did.  It was subtle and to be honest, if I had not been paying attention to watching for something to happen, I might have missed it, but it happened.  God will act if we commit to follow Him with our heart.  If you didn’t see any results, try it again next week and the next.  Our goal is to transform our heart and attitude.  We can do this. 

Bible Reading:


Genesis 38
Mark 8
Job 4
Romans 8 memory verse

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