The Lord is My Shepherd

Written By Eddie Duke

In 2006, 400 sheep fell to their death into a ravine in eastern Turkey.  One of the sheep tried to navigate in the cliffs above and walked off to its death 50 feet below.  Sheep have such strong flocking and following instincts that 399 followed even though it wasn’t really a good idea. 

Sheep are like that.  Sheep are taught early on to follow and they will.  Sheep are largely dependent upon a shepherd that guides them.  Good shepherds lead the sheep to prosperity and goodness.  Bad shepherds don’t. 

The key to the entire 23rd Psalm is how it begins.  How does it begin?  You remember, don’t you?   

“The LORD is my Shepherd…”

It is important that in times like we are facing right now that we as Christians don’t forget who it is we are following.   Our goodness and mercy depend completely upon it.  I am saddened when I see the chaos, hate, and violence that grips many people right now.  I pray for better days and a better path.  

But, as bad as things are, I will not forget, I cannot forget that the LORD is my Shepherd.  It is God that I follow.  The key to where we go from here is the Shepherd we follow. 

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