It’s All In The Details

Written By Eddie Duke

Our Bible reading today is Acts 28.  Verse 24 says

“Some were persuaded by the things he said, but others did not believe.” 

The detail in the chapters at the end of the book of Acts intrigue me.   There is so much detail in these chapters, far more than it seems even necessary.  Why do you suppose that is? 

I am not sure I know the answer to this except to know that it is for reason and I intend to find out.  The Bible is such a fascinating book to me. 

Take this verse for example.  It says that some were persuaded, but others did not believe.  You have heard me say many times that the events that are described in the Bible and the material that is contained therein do not make for a very good sales manual.  As a matter of fact, the Bible is a not a good marketing manual.  If it were, the adjectives in this verse would have been explosive and would have been more leading and persuasive.   But it doesn’t need to be nor was it made to be. 

The point of the Bible is that it is true and it is God’s Word.  It is so encouraging to read it and to know that it is true in its hope and focus and that every promise that God makes will be fulfilled.   

Our next step to a better year is through service.  We are all gifted to serve…we gratify others through our service…we glorify God through our service.  Thank you so much to those who have let me know how you intend on serving in the days and year ahead.

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