God’s Plan is Enough

Written By Eddie Duke

Luke 17:14 reads: 

“When he saw them, he told them, ‘Go and show yourselves to the priests.’ And while they were going, they were cleansed.” 

When people were healed of leprosy during Jesus’ time, it was a miracle.  As such, these healings as miracles needed to be verified by the priests. Jesus correctly told them to go to the priests.  The thing is, though, they had not been healed yet.

Did you catch that?  At the end of the verse, it reads “And while they were going, they were cleansed.” 

That is faith. 

So many times during my time with God, I have tried to treat my relationship with God as a business transaction rather than a faith transaction.   I have said things like, “God, if I could have this or that in my life, I know I could follow you more.”  “If this were here or that were gone, it would help me to be a better Christian.” 

This verse reminds us that we are not in the business as Christians of negotiating deals, but accepting them.  God’s deal is for us to trust Him, even when our circumstances may not have changed. His deal is sufficient.  God may not have removed or added that thing we have been praying for. 

It doesn’t matter – I am going to trust Him and believe that His grace is sufficient.  And while we are going…  We live thankful lives when we live believing that whatever God has for me today or tomorrow, is enough.    

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