Don’t hide behind your shield

Written By Eddie Duke

Genesis 15:1 reads

“After these events, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision:  ‘Do not be afraid, Abram.  I am your shield; your reward will be very great,”

God is our shield. 

The word for shield here is the “magen”.  It is an interesting word for a type of shield known as a buckler.  A buckler is a shield about the size of a big plate with a strap on the back that your hand can be inserted in.  It is not big and hard to carry and it wasn’t designed to be hidden completely behind but to be used to distract and tie up your opponent so you can adequately defend yourself while engaging and advancing.  

God is our shield.  He is our defender, but He is not a shield to be hidden behind.  He is our protector as we engage our culture, the world, and uncertainty while we advance the hope and love of Jesus Christ.   

God meant us as Christians to be salt and light in our world, both of which are a benefit and a blessing.  As we go, God defends.

I prayed for you today.  Remember what our goal is for a better path this week — Forget…Don’t worry…Reach for Jesus

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