Develop Your Heart

Written By Eddie Duke

Part of the Bible reading for today is Mark 7.  In verse 15, Jesus is telling people who are bogged down in religious activity and procedure that “It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes from your heart.”  There it is – heart.  This is what we have been discussing this week and why it is so important to develop our heart.   Our heart is how we measure how healthy and real our fellowship with God is.  Sunday morning, I told you that years ago Capital One came up with a slogan that asked the question “What’s in your wallet?”  Their purpose was to get people to think that our financial security, prosperity, and potential really depends upon what card we have in our wallet.  It has been a successful campaign.  

With that in mind, I posed this question “What’s in your heart?” A better path to begin this year is going to depend upon our heart and what’s in it.  We have seen this week that our heart needs to be a thankful heart.  It needs to be a praying heart.  Today, take your list that you wrote all your worries on and pray those worries to God.  Trust Him in them.  Put the list back in your Bible when you have done that.  Finish your thank you letter to God.  Be thankful today.  Continue to remind yourself not to complain, but to be encouraging.   Our goal is to transform our heart and attitude.  We can do this.  

Bible Reading:

Genesis 37
Mark 7
Job 3
Romans 7

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